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Ep 63 - How Sliding Door moments change the trajectory of our life to give us more purpose and meaning

September 18, 2021


Author of Not Just Imyjen's Mother and Founder of Grants Made Easy


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Today's guest, Christine Stow, shares her experiences as a survivor of an abusive relationship, as well as her experiences as a carer of a special needs child.


Christine reflects how working in the corporate world was the pinnacle of Christine’s life, she had achieved everything she wanted to be, traveling the world, advising Doctors and Anaesthetists on the best medical products on the market. She had it all, the white picket fence, 2 children, and a husband she adored.


Then finding something wrong with her second daughter- the bottom fell out of her world. It seemed as grey the day the nurse uttered those life-shattering words: "She's not meeting her milestones"... From there she was slung into a world that she did not belong. After picking herself up determined to find a way - she stood in State & Federal Elections on disability issues but has been a passionate advocate for victims of DV having had her own experiences….. Long long ago before DV was a thing that was widely recognized. Not to be held back… she found a way... since then she has worked on mindset & what it takes to overcome challenges & has achieved being elected to Council, setting up a Special School & support groups for carers & victims of DV.


Now she helps other women overcome challenges, map out a pathway to find their way….. She helps women find a way to identify their gifts, women who feel overwhelmed, underpaid, and unheard to find their voice to achieve the life they want to live! Currently, that involves mapping out how to get support groups established and create other much-needed services.


Her passion for writing and helping others heal led her to create her own podcast, Martine’s Musings, and write her first book, Life Interrupted, an urban fiction piece about how at any given moment, your life could be interrupted with unforeseen events.


If you are a victim or survivor of an abusive relationship and you would like some help and support, please don't suffer alone in silence.


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Sandy J


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