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Ep 60 - How to Bounce Back from Being Burnt Out No Matter What Challenges You Face

August 28, 2021





So, how can you bounce back when you are feeling completely worn out by the challenges you are facing?


Because bouncing back from burnout can be such a challenge this week’s episode is all about self-care.


If there is anything that is within your control it is finding ways that work for you to practice self-care.


One thing many women are great at is burning out because of the demands placed upon them.


Women are givers. They give, give, give until they have nothing left. And then there is usually a high price to pay, physically, mentally or emotionally, or all these things combined.


And this is why it is vital to find self-care practices that work for you and make them a part of your daily habits.


If you are a victim or survivor of an abusive relationship and you would like some help and support, please don't suffer alone in silence.


If you are interested in getting some coaching support or energetic healing or angel card readings to help heal your life and get your life back on track, you are very welcome to contact me.


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If you would love to get unstuck and you know deep down you will achieve far more by getting the support of a transformational coach, I would love to help you get your life back on the right track.


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S stands for specific

M stands for measurable

A stands for achievable

R stands for relevant

And T stands for Time-bound


I hope this interview inspires you to rise and shine.


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CAUTION: If you feel unsafe at any time please STOP LISTENING. You can come back anytime you are in a safe place to listen to the rest of the Podcast. YOUR SAFETY is the most important thing to consider.


If you are in immediate DANGER call the Police.


NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If you are struggling with your mental health please reach out for support with some form of counseling, therapy, or coaching.  If you don’t know where to start to find a counselor, a good place to start is to talk to your Doctor. There are also many online counseling supports now available. If the Support Person is not a good fit for you, try another and another, until you have one that is the right fit for you. And don't forget, I help women to heal and grow, and help them to meet their challenges head-on, to move towards a life they love. 



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Until next time, stay well and stay safe.


Sending you love, light, peace and joy,


Sandy J


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