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Ep 59 - Feeling powerless, here is a 5 step system to help you become more empowered

August 21, 2021




There are many things that can and do happen in life that can leave you feeling powerless.


The focus of this week's episode is on a 5 step system to help you become more empowered again when you are feeling disempowered for whatever reason.


A great place to start is with using the Serenity Prayer which is widely used in AA and other associated groups to help you to be mindful to consider where your energy is going or should be going.


It goes like this....

God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, 

The courage to change the things that I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.


If you are a victim or survivor of an abusive relationship and you would like some help and support, please don't suffer alone in silence.


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  • C stands for Create your responses by putting your energy into thoughts of what you can do
  • A stands for Ask yourself what you can you detach from to let go of the feelings of frustration that will otherwise be a weight that you will be carrying around with you
  • N stands for Navigate your way forward by being in the driver’s seat of your life


  • D stands for Dream, detach and drive. First, understand that you have the power to change your thoughts, that’s where dream comes in. Next know that you can detach from people, places, circumstances, feelings, and thoughts. And drive asks you to look at who is in the driver’s seat. When you discover you are not because the eternal conditions are making you feel disempowered you can consciously remind yourself that you are the driver of your life and get yourself back into the driver’s seat.
  • O stands for Objective and Objectivity. Firstly you need to ask yourself what is the objective for you to take control of whatever it is that is within your power. We often forget to ask ourselves the right questions to help us uncover or discover the answers we are looking for. Instead, we can get caught up in making assumptions, which may or may not be true. So when you ask what is the objective for you to take control of whatever is within your power? The answer may be to get back control of your life. Or it may be to feel more safe and secure. So get curious and ask what need is not being met. Allow that need to surface, knowing this need will help you take the steps you need to take to start doing what is within your power to have that need met.
  • Secondly, objectivity speaks for itself, it is having the ability to see the big picture. Objectivity only truly comes when we are able to step back far enough to look at the thing, the person, the situation, the circumstance from far enough away that we have a bird’s eye view of it. Objectivity is often found when we talk about things with someone else. Often other people who are removed from the thing that is impacting us are able to see things clearer than you or I can because we are in the thick of the circumstance and emotions are often driving our thoughts and often our actions too. So if you are unable to see the big picture it may be time to talk to someone who you trust, someone who has the experience, someone who is non-judgemental and you can talk to in confidence.


  • Identifying things that are within our control enables us to become empowered.


  • Empowered in our choices, empowered in our actions, and ultimately empowered in our lives.

I hope this interview inspires you to rise and shine.


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Sending you love, light, peace and joy,


Sandy J


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