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Ep 43 -Would you like to rediscover your hidden treasure?

May 2, 2021



On today’s show I have a Raven Scott, author of her newly released book Discovering the Treasures Within.  

She is someone who feels she has really found her DESTINY and she wants to help others find theirs too.

She has felt the crippling despair that co-dependency in a toxic relationship fabricates in life.

She has written her book to help others find the treasures buried deep down inside of themselves.

This book is full of spiritual topics, emotional tools for transformation, applied human design concepts, astrology, and it tells who Raven broke out of her abusive patterns.

She is a certified Meditation Instructor and Destiny Coach, and she can help women find clarity, renewal and discover their destiny.

Tune in to hear her insights and her journey through abuse and her own recovery journey.

Remember that every day is a new day and a new opportunity to move in the direction of your dreams. Every day is a clean slate to start fresh.

So, hang in there and keep striving to regain your personal power.

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Here are the top tips of today’s episode:


  • When you are in an abusive relationship it is easy to lose sight of the treasure trove of qualities which exist inside of yourself.
  • When you are in an abusive relationship it is hard to find a way back to recovering the treasure trove inside of yourself.
  • Getting onto a healing path after an abusive relationship becomes your treasure map to rediscovering and recovering the treasure inside of yourself.
  • Co-dependency is a part of abusive relationships and is part of what leaves victims vulnerable to being used and abused.
  • When you become co-dependant in a relationship you give your power over to the other person, allowing them to dictate your happiness.
  • When you become disempowered in your own life it becomes super challenging to make independent choices. It is common for people who are disempowered to be indecisive and confused.
  • Society puts expectations on us which can make us feel as though we are failing in life, which can cause us to devalue ourselves.
  • Once a narcissist is fixed with a pattern of behaviours it is difficult to shift the narcissist to change. That is one of the reasons why it is better to put your energy into what you can do to heal your own life, rather than trying to fix them.
  • The narcissist does not want to take responsibility for anything so they will try to shame and blame you for all the problems.
  • It is common for women to try and put up a pretence to everyone around them that everything is fine when the opposite is true.
  • But pretending doesn’t make anything better, so seek support from trusted family, friends and professional services where appropriate.
  • When you are in an abusive relationship because you are being driven by fear it can be hard to judge what is safe and what is going to make matters worse, but don’t let that hold you back from seeking help and support.
  • Find refuge with people you feel safe with.
  • Something that will be very helpful to you in forging a new life is to make a conscious choice to leave your old life behind.
  • Victims and Survivors are often empathic people and are predisposed to being people pleasers and as people pleasers they will forget to put healthy boundaries around themselves which leaves them open to be used and abused.
  • It is really important to learn the skill of picking your battles because battles are exhausting, so choose which one’s are really important to protect yourself and stand up for yourself for your needs and your rights.
  • There is no winning a battle with a narcissist.
  • Before you get into another relationship take time to identify your values to be clear about what the shared values need to be in a relationship with another person.
  • Learning to love yourself before you jump into a new relationship will help you to attract the right kind of relationship.

I hope this interview inspires you to rise and shine.

If you would like to connect with Raven Scott or purchase her book Discovering the Treasures Within use the links below.

If you want to discover how to unlock your destiny, email her at returntocalm@gmail.com! Or DM her on Instagram @discoveringtreasureswithin . Find her podcast Unlock Your Destiny with Return to Calm on all the platforms you listen!

book link is: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08Z2YZXYD?pf_rd_r=764NE72NX6B8BJZQFN94&pf_rd_p=5ae2c7f8-e0c6-4f35-9071-dc3240e894a8&pd_rd_r=d8bf7c29-c49f-4c7b-824c-8bbda63ba41e&pd_rd_w=GSugF&pd_rd_wg=PTqdC&ref_=pd_gw_unk


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Sandy J


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