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Ep 41 - Thriving After Sexual Abuse

April 18, 2021



On today’s show I have a Denise Bossarte, author of her newly released book Thriving After Sexual Abuse.  

It is an empathetic self-development book with a blueprint for survivors to heal themselves.

Denise is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She draws on her own experience with a path to recovery to provide tips and suggestions for readers to seek help, self-reflect, and pursue healing through a range of activities and practices. She offers readers strategies to reclaim their lives and move forward to a life of “Thriving”.

Tune in to hear her insights and her journey through abuse and her own recovery journey.

Remember that every day is a new day and a new opportunity to move in the direction of your dreams. Every day is a clean slate to start fresh.

So, hang in there and keep striving to regain your personal power.

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Here are the top tips of today’s episode:

  • Healing from sexual abuse is a journey and understanding this will help you as you go through this process. 
  • There are many options available to help you on your path to healing. It is important that you explore what is out there, so that you can find the ones which work best for you.
  • It is really important to get onto a recovery path, without one it can hold you back and keep you stuck at the same level and potentially attract more of the same into your life.
  • When looking for a therapist, you want to find someone who has experience with trauma. 
  • Group therapy 
  • Self help books
  • Alternative therapies like physical exercise help to care and accept for the physical body and meditation helps with healing the mind.
  • Trauma informed meditation and trauma informed yoga can be highly effective for healing survivors of abuse.
  • Allowing yourself to be creative and expressive through things like writing, dancing, singing are all very therapeutic.
  • Self-care is critical for survivors.
  • Being of service to other people opens you up to have a healthy connection with the world and with other people. 
  • As challenging as it might be to self reflect, it is empowering to have a growing awareness of the way you think, feel and act. This combined with a curious outlook can enable you to change for your highest good. Unless we see behaviours we cannot respond to these things.
  • We spend so much time judging ourselves as survivors, being kind to ourselves as we travel along the path of recovery is so important to help us healing.
  • Recovery can be painful and perhaps you will make mistakes, but this should not hold you back from seeking a recovery for the things you have been through. Don't give up if there are set backs.
  • When you feel ready give yourself permission to live life more fully. 
  • Make yourself a priority today. 

I hope this interview inspires you to rise and shine.

If you would like to connect with Denise Bossarte or purchase her book Thriving after Sexual Abuse use the links below.


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Sandy J


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